3The unique status of the Free Zone offers attractive tax and customs exemptions. On its separate territory is in force the Bulgarian legislation, but all goods coming from third countries are exempt from customs duties and VAT.

A complex infrastructure is built, including indoor and outdoor storage areas, office buildings, railway station, customs office, gas station, the terminal for liquid fuel, parking. The whole territory is guarded round the clock.

Merchants and carriers, freight forwarders and customs brokers, exporters and importers, producers and investors – all Duty Free Zone can be an important part of your business strategy.

With the accession of Bulgaria to the EU the status of free zones was changed, where goods of European origin were deprived of the opportunity to benefit from duty-free status of the Free Zone. Nevertheless offers an alternative way of neutralization of export and optimization of export documents. The new things included in the spectrum of offered services are the activation of the TIR carnet and the completion of the EX1 in which local exporters quickly and guaranteed receive documentary evidence of export performance.

Acceptance of goods from one company and forwarding it in a convenient way to another is an  invaluable method to help international trade and transport – helps to preserve trade secrets, allows adjustments to the parameters of supply, overcomes the limitations of trade and transport between specific countries. On the territory of Free Zone Rousse possible implementation of the change of ownership of goods is allowed and it is VAT free.

In re-export we offer:

  • Complete clearance of incoming goods from third countries – the closure of customs procedure completion of transport documents, issuance of warehouse receipt of the goods, etc.;
  • Issue of a complete set of outgoing documents – CMR, Invoice, Packing list, Carnet TIR, etc., fully comply with all terms and conditions of the final recipient;
  • Adjustment of the parameters of supply in accordance with letters of credit and commercial contracts – optimization of customs value, delivery terms, tariff codes, etc.;
  • Reissue of EUR1 certificate Hygienic and other certificates;
  • Re-issue the necessary certificates accompanying the transport of fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • All necessary additional services -transshipment, repacking, reassortment,etc.

Bulgarian and foreign goods may be accepted for storage in closed and open storage areas for an unlimited period of time. There is a full warehouse reporting. There are all necessary conditions for repacking, sorting, labelling and other activities.

Import and Distribution
Foreign goods can be “imported” in the Free Zone, as legally they are considered to be from outside the country. This way,  the arrangements by export, re-export, inward processing, etc. are covered., through which blocked funds for custom securities are released.

Duty-free storage without restriction allows operational distribution of the goods to the warehouses of the end user – when needed and exactly as needed, thereby avoiding unnecessary closure means of customs duties and VAT.


The warehouse has a sufficient number of electrical and Moto lifters of different capacity, and any other technical equipment ideally suited for processing of any goods in any packages. The railway station has a bridge crane with a lifting capacity of 32 tons, which enables the possibility of  processing the containers and other heavy cargo.

Offshore trade and logistics

The use of Free Zone Rousse as a distribution center brings unquestionable flexibility in the logistics network, opening new opportunities for trade negotiations, helping to reduce transport costs, which shortens the distance to the end customer. Commercial transactions within the zone are not subject to VAT.

Tax-exempt production

Manufacturing companies could find excellent conditions for the organization of production lines within the Free Zone Ruse, using all tax relief arising from its status.