About us

Бул. Тутракан 72“Tiva Com” is a private company working in the field of international forwarding. The company is independent, registered under the Bulgarian Trade Act in 1999. In order to preserve the independence of the company’s policy, we do not have a membership in regional, national or branch unions.

The main office of the company is based in Bulgaria – Ruse (Rousse). Ruse has the biggest Bulgarian river harbor, road and rail Bridge across the Danube river between Bulgaria and Romania, the largest duty free zone in the country. The distance to Bucharest is only 60km. The status of the border point ( for the European Union) allows flexible operations of all customs procedures and regimes.

Вижте ни на картатаThe company’s location determines the main operations in the activity field- truck, rail, intermodal, river and combined transport on the route of the Balkan countries – Russia, Ukraine and the European Union! Our team has many years of experience in international freight forwarding. We developed numerous ancillaries to transport activities, in order to monitor and improve the quality of services offered by our carriers and subcontractors.

Our goal is to earn money, by saving it to our customers!

Who could benefit from our services?

Companies that adopt the supply chain as a strategic asset, namely:Tiva Com Truck

• Commercial companies wishing to control and profit from the transport of goods traded by them;
• Bulgarian producers seeking to sell their products in foreign markets and to participate in its delivery;
• Foreign companies interested in export or import of Bulgarian goods and the related transport and customs requirements;
• Foreign forwarding and transport companies, cargo transiting through Bulgaria;
• Bulgarian carriers wishing to improve their services;

What do we offer?

Information for:

  • transport rates and charges;
  • transport and freight services;
  • conditions and changes in transport conventions;
  • conditions for import, export and transit;
  • indicative prices for business negotiations;
  • movement of goods entrusted to us;

The aim of our team is the services we provide are backed with integrity, professionalism and security of supply.